AB Multi-Asset solutions draw on deep capital-markets expertise and a full range of risk/return sources as building blocks, combining research insights to create thoughtful, long-term investment solutions tailored to the needs of each client.

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$115B Total AUM
$34BGlide Path Strategies
$28BAsset-Allocation Strategies
$53BTargeted Exposures

As of September 30, 2016

Target-Date Strategies The Customized Retirement Strategies (CRS) are target-date investment solutions that can be tailored to the unique, evolving demographics and objectives of a defined contribution plan’s default option. In addition to providing a customized glide path, the open-architecture platform of CRS solutions gives plan sponsors the flexibility to mix and change individual strategies and asset classes—including active and passive investments—over time. This improves transparency and cost control while enhancing fiduciary strength.
Lifetime Income Strategies The Lifetime Income Strategies combine the flexibility and transparency of our open-architecture target-date default option for defined contribution plans with a lifetime-income component, which provides a secure income stream to employees for life. Focusing on a steady income stream throughout retirement reinforces the power of savings, CAN IMPROVE outcomes, improves outcomes, and provides greater flexibility and protection for plan sponsors.
Education Strategies The Education Strategies are diversified, multi-asset solutions for college savers. They invest in equities, fixed income and diversifying assets. Age-based strategies offer allocations tailored to a child’s age that are adjusted over time to become more conservative as college draws closer. Risk-based strategies offer fixed allocations tailored to several mixes of risk and return potential. Each strategy incorporates a volatility-management component with systematic risk control, which can help reduce volatility and improve the chance of building long-term wealth.
Dynamic Asset Allocation The Dynamic Asset Allocation (DAA) suite consists of flexible, adaptive asset-allocation strategies that aim to improve risk-adjusted returns by actively adjusting portfolio exposures to a broad set of asset classes, including stocks, credit instruments, bonds, inflation-sensitive assets and currencies. DAA solutions can be tailored to meet a wide range of client-specific needs by balancing return objectives, volatility control and downside risk management. We manage solutions for both traditional, balanced asset mixes and a risk-parity approach.
Real Asset Strategy The Real Asset Strategy is designed to provide diversified, liquid exposure to real assets, including real estate, energy, metals and agriculture. The strategy dynamically shifts exposure IN AN EFFORT to find the best trade-offs among risk, return and inflation sensitivity. A flexible approach, a commitment to research and a focus on risk management have helped the strategy navigate uncertain markets and identify risks and opportunities.
Wealth Strategies The Wealth Strategies are diversified, multi-asset solutions designed for long-term savings. They invest in equities, fixed income and diversifying assets, and offer fixed asset allocations designed to meet specific mixes of risk and return potential. Each Wealth Strategy incorporates a volatility-management component with systematic risk control, which can help reduce volatility and improve the chance of building long-term wealth.
Emerging Markets Multi-Asset The Emerging Markets Multi-Asset (EMMA) solution is an actively managed portfolio with exposures to emerging asset classes that include equities and fixed-income instruments—including high-yield securities and currencies. EMMA seeks long-term capital growth with moderate volatility. The strategy isn’t limited in the amount of net assets it can invest in equities, fixed income or currencies—at any time, investments in one of these asset classes may be more than 50%. The strategy is also not limited by credit quality, country, industry sector or market cap.
Factor-Based The Factor-Based solutions are nine equity portfolios designed to deliver high exposure to individual factors such as deep value, quality and profitability—with little or no exposure to other factors. The portfolios can be proxies for distinct opportunities, whose attractiveness fluctuates over the course of a business cycle. Clients can incorporate individual Factor-Based portfolios into their equity strategies, or invest in a broader solution that dynamically allocates its capital to the most attractive factors over time.
Risk Completion The Risk Completion strategy is a customized overlay to a multimanager equity portfolio, designed to improve risk-adjusted RETURN POTENTIAL. Each Risk Completion portfolio consists primarily of individual equities, and is designed based on an analysis of all holdings in a particular multimanager strategy. Risk Completion uses alpha-generating exposures to offset unintended portfolio factor biases, and the holdings are regularly reconfigured to reflect changes in the market and in the underlying multimanager portfolio.
Index Strategies The Index Strategies seek to achieve benchmark returns within specified tracking-error targets at the lowest possible cost. Portfolios can be managed to standard indices or to custom indices tailored to unique client objectives. The broad range of our customization may incorporate custom factors, strategic tilts toward market anomalies, systematic risk control or other characteristics. The strategies’ trading methodology is designed to add incremental value while avoiding the pricing distortions created during index rebalancing.