Fixed Income

AB Fixed Income provides comprehensive global, regional, multisector and single-sector services that aim to deliver the highest returns for a targeted level of risk, as well as tailored investment solutions to help our clients meet their specific objectives.

  • Unparalled Range Strategies for varying risk appetites
  • Research Expertise Unique integration of fundamental and quantitative analysis
  • Global Infrastructure Dynamic investment process with our analysis in the field
  • Investment Management Team

An information advantage. We systematically integrate fundamental and quantitative research so we can do a better job navigating complex and often volatile markets.

Quantitative Research

  • Forecast returns for countries, sectors and currencies
  • Develop risk models
  • Build optimization tools
10 Global Quantitive Analysis

Quantitative Research

  • Cover roughly 1,500 companies in more than 70 industries across 50 countries
36 Global Credit Analysts
  • Scrutinize trends and analyze structures
  • Conduct due diligence
  • Analyze prepayment, default and extension risks
  • Conduct loan surveillance
10 Securitize Asset Analysts
9 Global Economists
  • Cover more than 50 countries and regions
  • Analyze economic backdrop and trends
  • Forecasts yield curves and currencies

A truly global platform. Global systems and processes allow for real-time interaction among portfolio managers, analysts and traders–on the ground, around the world–24/7.

Our disciplined but dynamic investment process aims to exploit the best opportunities identified by our analysts as they arise. Our best research ideas at a moment’s notice.

  • Translates our highest-conviction research into positions in client portfolios.
  • Uses multiple risk controls, addressing risk at the security and portfolio level.
  • Within client constraints, varies the overall risk target according to the market environment.
  • Allows us to solve our clients’ most complex and unique investment challenges.

Doug Peebles
CIO and Head—Fixed Income

Hayden Briscoe
Director—Asia Pacific Fixed Income

Michael Canter
Director—Securitized Assets

Joseph Carson
Director—Economic Research

Guy Davidson
Director—Municipal Bonds

Paul DeNoon
Director—Emerging Markets and
Global High Income

Alison Martier
Director—Fixed Income
Senior Portfolio Managers

Ashish Shah
Director—Global Credit

Scott DiMaggio
Director—Global Fixed Income

Jeff Skoglund
Director—Credit Research

Ramu Thiagarajan
Director—Quantitative Research

$262B Total AUM
$65BGlobal Multi-Sector*
$53B Emerging Markets/High Income
$107B Credit
$36B US Tax-Exempt

*Includes global and regional single and multi-sector mandates

As of September 30, 2016

American Income The Portfolio seeks to provide a high level of current income with the potential for capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of U.S. dollar-denominated fixed income securities.
Diversified Yield Diversified Yield is a global, multisector, absolute-return fixed-income strategy with a dynamic approach to risk taking. It invests in sovereign and agency debt; residential and commercial mortgage-backed securities; asset-backed securities; investment-grade and high-yield corporate bonds and bank loans; emerging-market debt; and derivatives. Our goal is to outperform short-term money market rates, as measured by three-month LIBOR, by 200 to 300 basis points annually before fees over full market cycles.
Emerging-Market Debt Emerging-Market Debt is an actively managed fixed-income strategy that invests broadly in sovereign and quasi-sovereign bonds (in both hard and local currencies), corporate emerging-market debt, and emerging-market currencies. The strategy’s objective is to outperform the J.P. Morgan EMBI Global (or other broad, diversified emerging-market–debt index) by 200 to 300 basis points annually, before fees, over full market cycles, with a tracking error to benchmark of between 300 and 500 basis points annually. This strategy is available via separate accounts or through the ACMBernstein Emerging Markets Debt Portfolio, a Luxembourg-domiciled UCITS fund designed for non-US investors.
European High Yield The AllianceBernstein Euro High Yield Portfolio is a Luxembourg domiciled, UCITS-compliant SICAV. The Portfolio seeks to produce high total return through a combination of income and capital appreciation by investing primarily in Euro-denominated high yield corporate bonds of issuers in developed markets, emerging market sovereign debt (both Euro-denominated and local currency) and emerging market corporate debt. Additionally, the Portfolio can invest in investment grade corporate debt, credit default swaps, options, preferreds, convertibles, and other securities with similar yields. The Portfolio seeks to meet its objective through top down and bottom up credit decisions derived from combining quantitative and fundamental analysis.
European Income The AllianceBernstein European Income Portfolio is a Luxembourg domiciled UCITS-compliant FCP. The Portfolio seeks high current income with the potential for capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of Euro- or European currency-denominated investment grade and non-investment grade fixed income securities. This Portfolio implements a dynamic, multi-sector approach, investing very broadly across regions (Euro and non-Euro), issuer types (government and corporate), and credit qualities (investment grade and non-investment grade). The Portfolio is designed as an all-weather Euro-denominated Portfolio.
Global-Plus Fixed Income Global-Plus Fixed Income is an actively managed global bond strategy that invests broadly in the sovereign debt of developed nations, investment-grade credits, agencies, mortgages, commercial mortgage-backed securities and asset-backed securities. Additionally, the strategy takes opportunistic positions in high-yield and emerging-market debt.
Global Credit Global Credit is an actively managed global bond strategy with a research-driven investment approach. This service invests primarily in investment-grade credits and takes opportunistic positions in convertible securities, the sovereign debt of developed nations, agency bonds, asset-backed securities, and high-yield and emerging-market debt, where permitted by client guidelines. The strategy’s goal is to outperform the Barclays Global Aggregate–Credit Index by 100 to 150 basis points annually, before fees, over full market cycles.