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    Bank Advisor Magazine: AllianceBernstein a Top 10 Manager

    April 4, 2008

    As part of a broad reorganization of the firm’s retail sales force, AllianceBernstein recently created a sales team dedicated to financial institutions. The team’s work seems to be paying off: Bank Advisor magazine has just rated AllianceBernstein as a top 10 money manager among banks, ranked according to market share.

    Interestingly, some top-performing managers were at the bottom of the list, reinforcing the idea that financial advisors look at more than just investment performance when selecting a manager for their clients. The survey made it clear that advisors value companies that place a high priority on service and support—areas where AllianceBernstein received particularly high marks. It also cited certain qualities that were common among the top managers: a consistent long-term investment focus, extensive research and experienced leadership.

    A lot of work remains to be done, as a few firms continue to dominate the market. But this recognition shows we’re on the right path, and we should all be proud of this milestone.

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