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    Top Honors from Merrill Lynch Retirement Group

    March 3, 2008

    On February 7, 2008, the Merrill Lynch Retirement Group honored AllianceBernstein as its top partner among the 135 companies that participate in Merrill's retirement platforms. This is a welcome validation from our number-one retail client, and it should serve as a great source of pride for our entire organization.

    Each year, Merrill Lynch selects firms it feels have the best retirement content to participate in "Syndication of Goals"—Merrill's signature training program on retirement planning. The 500-plus advisors who participated in the program last year ranked AllianceBernstein's speakers the highest among all participating vendors. Retirement Platform Manager Jake Rie and Global Relationship Manager Hollie Fagan were on hand to accept the award.

    Matt Mintzer, national sales manager for retirement, remarked on the commitment that resulted in this recognition:

    "As we are proving to our firm and the industry, becoming ‘most admired’ is earned, not requested. Congratulations to Jake and Hollie for leading us at Merrill and to all who have executed so superbly with our clients—and friends—at Merrill."

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