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Selected Research for Endowments, Foundations & Charities

Wealth Planning

MissionPossible Summer 2014

While many nonprofits are seeing an uptrend in lifetime gifts, they’re also observing that donors are being careful to stay well within their giving capacity—a reasonable choice, given the modest expectations for capital markets returns.

August 7, 2014

Wealth Planning

Trust-Worthy Decisions: A Guide to Managing Trusts

Modest expectations for investment returns, higher tax rates, and longer lives for beneficiaries combine to make the job of a trustee especially challenging today. Trustees now have more tools to deploy in fulfilling a grantor’s intentions, but to use them well, they need to foresee how decisions made today may affect trust performance decades into the future. Using our Wealth Forecasting System, we researched the comparative benefits of various strategies a trustee might choose.

July 1, 2014

Wealth Planning

MissionPossible Fall 2013

How much can your portfolio earn? How much can you afford to spend? If your organization’s funding has recently increased or decreased, how will your spending policy and investment policy affect its long-term financial strength? The latest issue of MissionPossible suggests some answers.

December 1, 2013

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Recent Institutional Research

Playing with Fire

The Bond Liquidity Crunch—and What to do about it

When investors ask if an asset is liquid, what they usually want to know is: will they be able to get rid of it quickly, either to realize a profit or avoid a loss? But liquidity isn’t constant. It depends on many factors, from investor sentiment and behavior to market structure and conditions. And over the last few years, changes in all of these elements have combined to drain liquidity from the global bond market.

September 4, 2015

Fixed Income/Bonds

A Spectrum of Possibilities: The Emerging-Market Debt Tool Kit

Today, three decades after the phrase “emerging markets” was coined, the comparative strength of developing economies is one of the dominant themes in global investing. Emerging market (EM) countries account for about 85% of the world’s population and roughly half its gross domestic product (GDP). Thanks to a virtuous cycle of conservative fiscal policies, credible monetary policies, falling inflation and faster growth, EM sovereign credit metrics are now stronger than those of most developed economies. The International Monetary Fund expects emerging countries’ gross-debt-to-GDP ratio to fall below 30% by 2017, compared with 130% in the developed world.

August 6, 2015

Asset Allocation/Multi-Asset

Confronting the Income Conundrum

Today’s low-yield environment has created significant challenges for investors who need their portfolios to deliver a high and stable stream of income. But the yields available on traditional income-generating assets such as bonds, cash and high-dividend stocks often aren’t high enough to meet their needs.

June 1, 2015

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