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Retirement Planning

Introducing AB Multi-Manager Select Retirement Funds

Creating Tomorrow’s Target-Date Fund—Today

AllianceBernstein and Morningstar Associates, LLC have teamed up to bring a next-generation retirement solution to the market: AB Multi-Manager Select Retirement Funds―a compelling suite of nonproprietary target-date funds that address the challenges of traditional target-date design with the goal of building retirement income potential while limiting short-term risk to enhance participants’ retirement security.

January 5, 2015

Fixed Income/Bonds

Deflation in the Euro Area: Are We There Yet?

Senior European Economist

With the European Central Bank (ECB) finally recognizing that the euro area is battling against severe deflationary headwinds, further policy easing looks likely. This should help anchor bond yields, but may not be enough to overcome the huge challenges facing the region.

November 20, 2014

After the Beta Trade

Emerging-Market Investing for the Next Decade

Senior Portfolio Manager
Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager
Co-Head, Equities Quantitative Research
Portfolio Manager—Emerging Markets Core Equities and Director of Research—Emerging Markets Value Equities

Tailwinds to emerging-market beta returns are diminishing. Mere beta exposure will no longer be enough to win in developing-world stocks. For long-term success, we believe that investors need to find ways to boost return potential, reduce portfolio volatility and diminish developing-market equities’ high correlations with developed-market equity exposures. That will take a discriminating, active approach.

October 13, 2014

More Research

Investment Consultants Perspectives

Do Target-Date Funds Make Sense for NEST?

We argue that the new state-mandated pension scheme is right to use target-date funds for its default fund option.

November 30, 2010