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Future Shock: How China's Reforms are creating Risks (and Opportunities)

How China’s Reforms are Creating Disruptive Risks (And Opportunities)

Anthony Chan
Asian Sovereign Strategist
Stuart Rae
Chief Investment Officer—Asia-Pacific ex Japan Value Equities

China, in the eyes of the world’s media and investment commentators, has gone from being an economic marvel to facing a looming crisis in just a few years. This fall from grace is easy to understand, given the slowdown in the country’s growth, the structural challenges it faces, and its size and overall importance to the world economy. Clearly, China poses risks to investors. One risk in particular concerns us, however: the risk that investors may be underestimating China’s upside potential. Unless investors take a balanced view of the risks facing China, we believe they could experience strong “future shock” in the next few years if, as is still possible, the country succeeds in its objectives.

June 1, 2015

Global Economic Outlook March 2017

For all the market’s concerns about rising political risk—Trump in the US, the looming Dutch and French elections in Europe—the data continue to indicate that the global economy is enjoying something of a cyclical renaissance.

October 3, 2017