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A Defined Contribution Plan Is Only as Strong as Its Default.

When it comes to a plan’s default, many sponsors have a set-it-and-forget-it mentality. They feel their default was right when they first chose it, so there’s no need to revisit it. But in a fast-changing world, inertia can cost a defined contribution plan dearly.

At AB, we don’t believe your plan should sit idle. This has led us to a history of innovation, with solutions and technology designed to evolve over time. It’s why we pioneered the first open-architecture target-date platform, which ensures that plans can easily access multiple investment managers at low cost. It’s also why we continue to innovate every day to meet the ever-changing challenges of the DC landscape.

Change is inevitable. Make sure your default option is the strongest link in your DC plan.

Change Is your plan’s default designed to keep up with the times?  

Are your participants’ needs the same today as they were yesterday? What will they be tomorrow? Are there better solutions in the marketplace now than when you first selected your default?

There’s only one answer: Embrace a strategy that embraces change.

You need a plan default that remains flexible, designed to meet today’s needs and adapt to tomorrow’s challenges. This will give participants the comfort of knowing their DC plan will still be right for them down the road.

What does this all mean to you? Just that you may never have to replace your default again.

IncomeIncome is the new outcome.  

OptimizeBetter by default.  

RiskThere’s a lot riding on your plan’s default.