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The Importance of a Financial Advisor

Professional Experience

When you want a job done right, you usually hire a professional to get the best results. The same can be said for managing your finances. While you may have some ideas about what types of investments to own, a financial advisor can offer you the professional expertise and insight that you may not have. Magazines, cable television and web sites produce a wealth of investing information on a daily basis, but do you really have the time to evaluate it all to make the best investment decisions?

Evaluating Investments

If you’re a new investor, a financial advisor can help you determine the proper asset allocation to fit your lifestyle. If you currently have an investment portfolio, a financial advisor can evaluate your existing investments and determine if they are still appropriate for meeting your short- or long-term goals.

Managing Investments

If you think you can manage your investments on your own, answer these questions, then decide if you should get a second opinion. Remember, a financial advisor has the time, knowledge, research tools, expertise and experience that you may not have. After all, investment planning is his or her full time job.

Answer These Questions

  • Have you utilized asset allocation effectively?
  • Do you know enough about all the individual stocks, bonds, mutual funds and money market funds to choose your investments wisely?
  • Is your investment portfolio diversified enough to give you the best potential results?
  • Do you have enough time to review your investments periodically to determine if you should reallocate your investments?
  • Have you spoken with a tax advisor to determine if you’re getting the most out of your investments?
  • Are you secure enough with your investments to “stay the course” even in changing market conditions?
  • Is your investment portfolio overweighted in a particular stock, sector or asset class?
  • Do you think you can effectively “time” the market by always buying low and selling high?
  • Are you taking advantage of the power of compounding?
  • In case of an emergency (loss of job or sudden medical expense), do you have enough cash on hand to pay your bills without having to cash out at a lower price?
  • Are you aware of the constantly changing tax laws and how they can impact your investments?
  • Have you considered taking advantage of dollar cost averaging?*
  • Are you able to take advantage of both taxable and tax-exempt investments?
  • Do you understand how economic factors such as interest rates, unemployment, housing sales, inflation and productivity impact the economy, the stock market and your investments?
  • Will you be prepared to pay for your children's college education and your retirement?

If you answered “no” to a few of these questions, perhaps you should consider working closely with a financial advisor to help you make the most informed investment choices for your personal situation. If you don’t have a financial representative, we can help you find one.

The use of a professional financial advisor does not guarantee investment success.

*Dollar cost averaging does not assure a profit nor protect against loss in a declining market. Since this strategy involves continuous investments in securities, regardless of fluctuating prices, investors should consider their financial ability to invest during periods of both high and low price levels.


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