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Tax Center

AB’s Tax Center provides you with the resources you need for tax season:

  • Mailing dates for your tax forms so you know when to expect them
  • Tax guides to help you understand and prepare
  • Access to software that conveniently prepares your taxes online

Capital Gains Distributions

2015 Estimated Cap Gains Distributions

Cost Basis Reporting

Familiarize yourself with the new Cost Basis Reporting requirements.

Cost Basis Reporting Overview

Tax Forms

If you have... You'll receive... Which...

Taxable Accounts

Taxable Mutual Fund Account 1099-DIV
(mailed late January)
Details ordinary and qualified dividends, capital gains distributions, federal income tax withheld and foreign taxes paid.
Taxable Mutual Fund Account 1099-B
(mailed late January)
Details sales and exchanges of fund shares, including the date of each sale, the number of shares sold, and the share price and dollar amount of each transaction. It also lists the cost basis and gain or loss for many accounts.

Retirement and Education Savings Accounts

IRA or Other Retirement Account 1099-R
(mailed late January)
Details the distributions from your IRA and other retirement plans (including Traditional, Roth, SEP and SIMPLE IRAs).
CollegeBoundfund and Coverdell ESAs 1099-Q
(mailed late January)
Details the distributions from your college savings accounts. CollegeBoundfund account holders receive details on the basis and earnings of their distributions. Coverdell ESA account holders receive details on the fair market value of their holdings as of December 31.
IRA 5498
(mailed late May)
Traditional, SEP and SIMPLE IRA account holders receive details on their regular and rollover contributions. IRA account holders also receive details on any contributions that have been recharacterized. Roth IRA account holders receive details on their regular, rollover and conversion contributions. All accounts receive details about fair market value as of December 31. If you turn 70½ or older next calendar year, you’ll receive an indication whether you must take a Required Minimum Distribution.
Coverdell ESAs 5498-ESA
(mailed late April)
Details contributions and transfers to Coverdell ESAs. (This form is sent to the person who benefits from the account, not the person who contributes the money.)

Most Recent Tax Guides

Use these handy guides to help you understand the complicated tax rules related to reporting income from various types of AB investments.

TurboTax® OnlineSM

Use TurboTax Online to quickly and conveniently prepare your taxes online.

Retirement Plans

Familiarize yourself with the IRS dollar limits on 401(k), SIMPLE IRA and qualified retirement plans.
Retirement Plan Limits

Rhode Island Residents

Rhode Island taxpayers can receive a state income tax deduction for contributions made to CollegeBoundfund ®.
CollegeBoundfund ® for Rhode Island Residents

Note: For questions about your specific tax situation, please contact a tax advisor.


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