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What’s Most Important
to You in a 529 plan?

CollegeBoundfund is one of the largest
advisor-sold 529s in the industry, and we have more than a decade of experience in serving college savers.1 Find out what’s new, including our comprehensive, next-generation menu.

Think 529, Think CollegeBoundfund

529 plans clearly offer many potential benefits, but why specifically choose CollegeBoundfund?

  • A Comprehensive, Next-Generation Menu: Four age-based portfolios—including a first of its kind passive option—three fixed allocation portfolios and a wide range of individual fund options. Plus, a stable-value fund option to help protect investors’ nest eggs
  • Flexibility and Convenience: Dollar-cost averaging2, one of the most streamlined online gifting tools in the industry and a handy rollover option provide plenty of latitude while making it easier to invest
  • Estate and Gifting Advantages: One of the highest contribution ceilings among 529s


Find out how easy it is to
invest with


1. As of December 31, 2013 CollegeBoundfund is the second largest advisor-sold 529 plan in terms of AUM. Source: Strategic Insight.

2. Dollar cost averaging does not ensure a profit or protect against loss in a declining market.

Special Benefits for Rhode Island investors.

State-of-the-Art Investment Options

CollegeBoundfund makes it easy to find a college-savings approach that’s suitable for any investment goal, risk tolerance and time horizon. What are you looking for?

A Comprehensive, Next-Generation Investment Lineup

  • A First of Its Kind Passive Option

    • Age-Based CollegeBoundfund Morningstar Index Portfolio
    • A lower-cost option for those who prefer indexing
  • A Stategy that Grows with My Needs

    • Three actively-managed, age-based options (Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive)
    • Emphasizes stocks when a child is younger, gradually becoming more conservative as college nears
  • A Strategy with Steady Aim

    • Three fixed-allocation portfolios (Conservative, Balanced and Appreciation)
    • A mix of stocks and bonds that don't change—for investors with a well-defined risk tolerance
  • A Custom-Built Plan

    • Seven individual fund portfolios—Fixed Income, and Growth or Value Equities
    • Building blocks that allow investors to create tailored allocations
  • A Stable Value Option

    • One principal-protection income portfolio
    • For those seeking principal protection while earning more income than one might in a cash or money market account
How It Works
Our innovative aged-based passive strategy is one of many CollegeBoundfund investment options.

Giving the Gift of Education

Its easy to let friends and family know theyre able to contribute to a childs CollegeBoundfund account. CollegeBoundfunds online gifting tool makes it fast and simple for others to give.

Its Easy for You to Help Friends and Family Give the Gift of Education

Accelerated Gifting

Many investors are taking advantage of the accelerated gifting feature that 529 plans offer. Remember, you can increase your gift amount up to $70,000, or $140,000 for married couples (five times the annual gift tax exclusion), per beneficiary in a single year.

Under an add-back rule, if a contributor to a 529 plan elects to treat the gift as having been made over a five-year period and dies during the five-year period, prorated amounts allocatable to the years after death are included in the contributors gross estate for federal estate tax valuation purposes. You should consult with your tax advisor or accountant to determine your individual tax situation. Please see the Program Description for more information.


Friends and family can give the gift of education all year round!



Preview the online giving experience from both the account owners and gift givers points of view.



Everything you need to invite others to contribute to a CollegeBoundfund account