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Decoding US Interest Rates

We’re seeing more promising signals in the economic and employment picture that may heat up the Fed’s outlook on raising short-term interest rates. We still think this will be a gradual process, but it means this is a great time to make sure bond portfolios are positioned effectively.

Rising Rates: Time to Position, Not Panic

In our view, it will likely take several years for rates to rise back to "normal" levels. We think this is a good time for investors to re-fit their bond portfolios to be less sensitive to US rates. There are several ways investors can do this.

AllianceBernstein's Doug Peebles, Fixed Income CIO, discusses active-management opportunities in a rising-rate environment in an interview on The Street.


Weather Rising Interest Rates

The first step in re-fitting your bond portfolio is understanding that not all bonds are created equal. Different segments of the bond universe have different sensitivities, or betas, to interest rate movements.

Re-fitting Your Fixed Income Strategy

Heres a brief look at strategies that we think can help bond portfolios weather a rising-rate environment.

Explore Our Fixed-Income Solutions

AllianceBernsteins mutual funds offer investors exposure to strategies that may reduce vulnerability to rising interest rates.

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